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Duet for Cannibals
Duet for Cannibals
Director: Susan Sontag
1969 / 105 / DCP
Cast: Adriana Asti, Gösta Ekman, Lars Ekborg

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May 13 | The Loft Cinema, Tucson, AZ
June 21 | Chicago Filmmakers, Chicago, IL

New Restoration

Essayist, novelist, critic, cinephile, and all-around intellectual dynamo Sontag made her directorial debut with this definition-defying, dryly funny psychological serio-comedy, the result of a Swedish studio’s invitation to her to make a film in Stockholm. The result, revolving around the quadrangular relationship between an arrogant ex-revolutionist German intellectual exile, his elegant wife, their Swedish student secretary, and the earnest secretary’s bride-to-be, is a roundelay of partner-swapping that gradually drifts towards uncharted territory, gamesmanship that broaches the surreal and violent. Defying literal-minded interpretation, Duet for Cannibals is both an illustrative companion to Sontag’s criticism, and introduction of a startlingly original filmmaker.

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